"Agent. Avenger. Assassin."


S.H.I.E.L.D. Slumber Party : with Bucky, Natasha and Tony.

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Y’know, people usually knock before entering someone’s apartment.


Sorry, I didn’t know Pepper had a visitor.

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Fury will cut your privileges.


      What privileges? 

Free access to SHIELD laboratories, authorization to use the Iron Man armor, these kinds of privileges.

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I hate brainwashing.

I know.

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They call him: The winter soldier.

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Chris Evans at the Captain America : The WInter Soldier China premiere (x)

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I don't kill. It's a line, and I don't cross it. I'm not a murderer. 

I think we need to talk about this line and it’s importance. Clint Barton is someone who’s grown up around death and is basically accustomed to the idea of loss. He knows the pain that a person feels when they lose someone. He doesn’t aim to kill, he aims to wound, even if it’s the most disgusting villain he’s ever faced. Even when he signed onto SHIELD, it was under the condition that he wouldn’t kill. When Loki took control of him, he not only picked Clint’s brain apart, searching for ways to destroy Natasha, he made Clint cross that line, he made him kill, but Clint didn’t go down without a fight. No, he fought back, he saved Fury and could’ve killed Hill but he didn’t, he resisted. Clint has always been aware of the darkness inside of him, of his ability to kill but he’s always suppressed it, Loki didn’t just play with Clint’s brain, he turned his whole world upside down by making him spill all that blood. Not just the blood of the people he worked with but innocent strangers. When Natasha says, “Don’t do this to yourself Clint,” she’s essentially pulling him back from the hole he’s about to crawl into and giving him a reason to stand and he does, he stands up and fights just like he always does. That’s Clint’s superpower.

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Fury is 107% done with all of your shit, avengers team.

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"Good for you that you’re a good archer with a pretty face, because you’re a terrible comedian."


"My face is more than just pretty. I’ve been told so on more than four occasions."

"If you’re talking about four drunk people it doesn’t count,"

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